The  Healthy Flavanoplus blends are ideal to create the next generation oral hygiene  in form of toothpastes, chewing tablets or sweeteners with only natural powerful ingredients that exist for centuries fill up with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory  polyphenols that included Cranberry proanthocyanidins who prevent gun diseases and  prevent urinary infections, Cocoa Flavanols also known to help the Cardio vascular system and memory  by regenerating elasticity of arteries and improving the fluidity of the blood which help to a better oxygenation of all organs including the brain.

 While more than 80% of the population aged 60 years and higher suffer from receding gums combined to the slow loss of memory Studies are widening several University confirming that Cranberry extracts protect against the oral disease, called periodontitis combining more than 266 sharp scientific studies converge to the facts that the flavanols in cocoa have beneficial effects for the cardio - vascular system by improving the elasticity of arteries and increasing the fluidity of the blood flow which helps to boost the memory capacity of the brain with the additional oxygen supply.                                                                                                    Fact is that with age, memory declines in all human beings. All of these studies also agreed also that daily consumption of flavonoids helps and is required to maintain their beneficial effects. 

  Researchers at Laval University in Quebec City studied the positive impact from the cranberry polyphenols by subjecting cells oral in vitro to attack some of the 500 species of bacteria that form plaque. The addition of cranberry extracts show that protection has reached in several cases 100%. (Dr. Daniel Grenier Université Laval 2011)                                                                                                            Cranberry polyphenols inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reduce inflammation.                                                                                    Exploring the properties of cranberries on oral health as part of his Ph.D., Charles Bodet in an article that appeared in the scientific journal "Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition" concludes that the addition of toothpastes and mouthwashes  fill up with Cranberry polyphenols would be a preventive treatment of the future against periodontitis and caries.



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