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Mascarpone is a smooth, buttery Italian cheese that has many great applications. It can be used to add richness to a pasta dish, and it can also be used to make a perfect tiramisu. The cheese itself has a very mild flavor, so other ingredients  from savory herbs to sugar and extracts are added to give it a little bit more complexity when it appears in a recipe. Several years ago, the cream cheese industry came up with the idea to sell flavored cream cheeses in addition to plain cream cheese, giving consumers the option to buy their spreadable cheese in an array of flavors that they could use without having to stir in their own honey/berries/chocolate/etc. to the cheese.  Mascarpone cheese doesn’t seem to have followed this trend, Here is a healthy alternative; the Healthier Flavanoplus Cocoa Mascarpone. This new mascarpone recipe includes also some coffee and 2.5g of Cacao 200 Flavaanoplus, which means that  having  a healthier tiramisu for dessert without guilt.

The Cacao Flavanoplus mascarpone contains just cheese, sugar, espresso and Flavanoplus 200 cocoa powder.

It is only slightly sweet, just enough to soften the espresso flavors and  a mellow  dark chocolate flavor, but the Cacao 200 flavanoplus  do not pick up on too much of the coffee l. It is very tasty on its own and just begs to be used in other healthier dessert applications.  Another recipe would be to fill a whoopie pie, for instance, or add a chocolate layer to a homemade tiramisu. That said, the Cacao 200 chocolate is so mild that you will need to add even more  if you want a rich chocolate flavor such in a chocolate chessecake.

This is a new delicious product for chocolate and cheese lovers.

Other popular cheese are the cream cheese or velveeta cheese to make chocolate cheese fudge ands more.....



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