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 HYPPOCRATE, THE FATHER OF MEDECINE    TO  HIS FELLOW DOCTORS 2400 YEARS AGO:     Leave drugs in the chemist’s pot, if & when you can cure the patient with foods

Flavanoplus a natural alternative to prevent basic health problems that was used for centuries in different civilisation but are now back up by modern sciewnce

Baby boomers considered important:

  •    Cardio vascular system
  •    Urinary and prostatic deficiencies.
  •    Cognition related to memory loss & the Alzheimer epidemic.


Dimitri H. Daskalides, has extensive knowledge of the chocolate industry while grewing up in a renowned family whom has famous chocolate brands such as Léonidas or Daskalidès of Belgium; Alain Patenaude, with extensive knowledge in the food sector, have been fascinated with the latest health claims published by universities research teams, private and public food labs, major health institutions and some of the large chocolate makers that have come up with multiple benefits of the cocoa nutrients specially their flavanols content(*).


In parallel, major producers of fruits have vaunted health benefits of some super fruits such as Cranberry and Green tea leafs as anti-oxidants and more important anti inflamatory effect on arteries. Each of them have specific proven benefits to the human body. Also there are huge benefits derived from the matcha tea. These benefits include a specific set of organic compounds known as Catechins.                                                                                          Among antioxidants, Catechins are the most potent and beneficial.


Faced with technological hurdles, they managed to make blends that benefit most of the vital parts of the body. Their unique products offerings are available in form of daily supplements or nutraceuticals to be added  the food and drink sectors.


Flavanoplus is a company that primarily concentrates its research and development on offering pertinent products with specific targeted qualities.


It is now scientifically proven and admit by theEuropean food and safety agency that the right daily ingestion necessary to help a good blood circulation is around 200 mg of cocoa Flavanols. It, in fact, helps the cardiovascular system to irrigate, trough rejuvanate healthier and elastic blood vessels, all nutrients and oxygen that reach all parts of the body including a better oxygenation of the brain that helps to maintain and even improve qualities of the memory. Some studies show a positive effects on Alzheimer's and parkinson's patients.



(*) Flavanols are in fact the beneficial phyto-nutrients found naturally in fruits and leaves such as cocoa (Theobroma), Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis, Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) and Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus Cyanococcus).    


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